Jim Parry
Art Director /  Designer Specialising in Branding
+61 414 656 252 / jim@jimparry.com.au
Jim Parry is an award-winning art director and branding consultant with over 20 years experience delivering iconic identities and brand strategies to a diverse array of clients. He has collaborated with numerous lifestyle and fashion brands, crafting impactful brand communication for artisanal startups and ambitious hospitality projects. Jim's individual approach ensures that he fully understands the personality of any client’s business, products and their goals before beginning to deliver solutions, which are intuitive, thorough and often delightfully unexpected.
London, United Kingdom
1991 – 1994
Paul Raymond Organisation
Art Editor / Magazine Designer
First full time job as magazine designer at the Paul Raymond Towers in Soho, London.
London, United Kingdom
1996 – 2000
IPC Media
Art Director of Loaded Magazine
Parry was Art Director of Loaded Magazine back in a day when it was packed with great writing and had men of the cover. He won the IPC Magazine Designer of the year in 1998 and achieved a Guinness World Record for 100 magazine covers for a single edition at the turn of the Millennium.
Sydney, Australia
2000 – 2013
Mine Design
Mine Design was established in 2000 following Parry’s escape to Sydney after several ball breaking years as award winning Art Director of Loaded Magazine. With a head full of back-packer idealism, Parry set forth on a journey into the land of branding, advertising, and T-shirt graphics. He has worked extensively with the highly acclaimed creative agency The Glue Society across many campaigns. Parry further indulged his passion for editorial design as the first art director of 'Dumbo Feather, Pass It On' Magazine. Mine Design was honoured with designing the Australian Writers and Art Directors (A.W.A.R.D) Annual in 2005. Parry judged the typographic section of A.W.A.R.D 2007 and the Australian Creative Hotshop Awards 2008. Jim now designs his own line of typographic driven T-shirts, aptly entitled 'Nervous Passenger' after his own struggles in the typeface of adversity…
Sydney, Australia
2007 – 2009
Art Director
Art Director for multi award winning creative agency 'The Glue Society' working across many brands including Elle MacPherson Intimates, Marcs, Canterbury, Speedo, Virgin mobile and 42 Below.
Sydney, Australia
2004 – 2011
Dumbo Feather, Pass It On.
Art Director
Art director and designer of the first 26 issues of Dumbo Feather, Pass It On. An award winning magazine dedicated to the interesting lives of truly inspirational people.
Sydney, Australia
A dark humour inspired t-shirt brand.
Brighton, United Kingdom
1988 – 1991
University Of Brighton
Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design and Illustration
East Croydon, United Kingdom
1988 – 1986
Croydon College Of Art And Design
A two year 'General' Art and Design [GAD] course studying Graphic, Textile and 3d Design specialising in Graphics in the second year.
Guinness World Record for Designing the most amount of magazine covers for one issue of a magazine. Loaded magazine had 100 covers for the magazine at the turn of the millennium.
IPC Magazine Designer of the Year
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